Saturday, November 26, 2005


Jute goods are very useful in our daily life. These are eco-friendly products that we should use in all our daily purposes to save the environment. If we save our environment we would be the real gainer in the long run. Our children would brought up in this environment, so we should be careful about this.

Jute bag is an important jute good that is used for many purposes everywhere in the world from packaging food grains to promotional business items. Now designer bags made of high quality jute fabrics also became very much popular. There are many other jute bags like grain bags, corn sacks, wheat sacks, coffee bags, cocoa bean bags, gunny bags, sand bags, cement bags, flour bags, sugar bags, onion bags, hessien bags, burlap bags, shopping bags, wine bottle bags, laminated jute bags, jute beach bags, promotional bags, printed jute bag, poly coated jute bags, hand bags, jute tote bags, jute grocery bags, etc. Indian manufacturers make jute bags which are suitable for their own local market.

Jute rope has it's own uses for centuries. But for the last few decades jute rope has got a new use for making lady's fashion shoes that is called Espadrille. It was originated from France though, it is now made in Bangladesh mainly and to some extent in China. Since the natural color of jute is the best which are harvested in Bangladesh, jute sole/wedge espadrille shoes made in Bangladesh are preferred by the ladies of Europe mostly. Chinese espadrilles are also popular at low-end markets of Spain and Italy because of low price.

Jute products are now diversified in many aspects. Since Bangladesh is the major producer (90 percent) of jute in the world, jute goods made in Bangladesh are the best in quality. Cotheeka Jute Industry is a well known manufacturer and exporter of jute goods in Bangladesh.